Thursday, June 2, 2011

Creating a Getaway

I have high hopes for our new bedroom.  Right now it is purely functional but what I really want is an oasis of calm that's soft, beachy, and not too frilly.

I sprung for these sheets from Macy's.  The price was pretty shocking to me, but then I've always purchased sheets from Walmart and Target and never anything with more than a 200 thread count.  These puppies were waaaaay more than that and totally worth it.

The first ones were a 700 thread count cotton and polyester blend.  I was skeptical of polyester in sheets and the slick feel was a little strange at first but these sheets are pretty damn awesome.  They even kept us nice and cool and non-sweaty on some pretty humid nights.  I picked the clover color.  It's a nice putty greenish color than can look tan or green depending on how you look at it.

These were so great that I just had to go back for more.  This time, I got the 800 thread count 100% cotton ones in Burnished.  I love this sandy shade and it's in keeping with my ultimate goal-a nice beachy look in our bedroom.

Wes and I plan to eventually build ourselves a bed frame . . . we really like this one from Pottery Barn but there's no way in hell we'd ever pay that for it. 

I also have a strange and intense desire to make a ruffled duvet cover for our comforter like this one from Anthropologie (called Rivulet) in either all white or a color palette of white and cream hues.  Look at all that gorgeous texture!


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