Monday, June 20, 2011

Dressing While Plus: The Empire Strikes Back

The main reason I've picked up sewing again is that I really, really want to wear cool clothes.  The realities of fashion make this difficult and/or expensive.

Plus sized clothes are available, however, my rather large breasticle issues create their own problems.

Take this dress, for example.


It's an Old Navy maxi dress.  Cute, breezy, summery. . . I really, really like it.

I would never order this dress.

1. Old Navy no longer carries plus sizes in their stores.  (haters-I've been boycotting them ever since)  2. I don't believe in this whole, order it in your size and pay for it, just to try it on business.  What if I try it and don't like it?  Do I get my money back or will I be forced to shop for something else that I may not like?  I find that ridiculous.  (They tried to pull this one at David's Bridal too by the way)  3. The style of this dress, which makes it cute, is the same thing that would make it unlikely to fit.

Empire waists on the busty tend to ride up.  That line that is supposed to lie underneath the bust would insist on sitting on top of the bust.  That in turn would pull the skirt up and out which has the effect of making the unfortunate wearer look pregnant.

Friends, I spend a significant portion of my life worrying about whether or not my outfit makes me look pregnant.

The question: what's a girl to do?  The answer: make it her damn self!

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