Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Project Wedding Dress-Picking a Color

I am 92% sure that I do not want a white wedding dress.

The question now is what color do I want?  I could still go traditional and pick a nice ivory or champagne or candlelight.  Or I could go bold and pick red or black or even purple.

I'm thinking pink.  This . . .
Not this . . .Hello Kitty is awesome and all but that shade of pink makes me think of the "Girl" toy aisle and a particularly atrocious miniature ironing board "toy".  No big deal . . . but was there a powder blue "boy" ironing board?  Um . . . I'll save that feminist rant for later.

I love the rum pink dusky peachy tone of the first dress.  Fabric in that shade has proven difficult to come by.

I want to make my wedding dress in a silk cotton blend.  I have this idea that it will be cooler, less stiff, and more comfortable.  I also really like the texture of silk cotton.  However, the exact color has just not materialized in a cost effective way.

Here are the cotton silk swatches I ordered from  I took these pictures outside to hopefully give you a truer color representation.  The champagne and the baby pink in the top right and bottom left corners respectively.

Personal Photo

I also took a chance and ordered some silk dupioni swatches.  I love the color of the sample on the right.

Personal Photo
Which one would you choose?

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