Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Probably Inappropriate Edition

I sometimes wish I could wear stuff like this . . . short, snug, and bare.

1,2,4,5 are available at Forever 21 Plus, 3 is available at Torrid

I don't feel that I can't because I'm plus size.  I feel that I can't because I'm me!  I sometimes have a puritanical sense of what is and is not appropriate.  Something that fit me that snugly would make me feel naked but not in a sexy kind of way.

I love how daring plus fashion is getting though.  I am old enough to remember when everything plus sized was basically mumu shaped.  Clothes so huge and baggy and roomy that they implied shame.  Clothes that made it look like you were trying to hide something.

But these clothes . . . these clothes are sexy.  (That striped number has a cut out back.)  Probably inappropriate for my working life . . . but man I wish they weren't!

Not the jumper though-I'm drawing the line there.

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