Thursday, July 21, 2011

Project Wedding Progress Report

How about a picture less progress report?  I can't find my camera cord and I'm too lazy to figure out an alternative.

Let's get to it!
  • I finally finished my wedding dress muslin.  I'm still futzing with details and decorations but I am probably 90 percent there.  This is only my second muslin but I want to be confident before I slice into the expensive stuff.  I have probably 20-30 hours in this muslin version at this point.  In addition to fitting and style details I've also been experimenting with ways to make the actual sewing easier.  To hell with rules!  I'm going Rogue!
  • Wes found an excellent 100% wool grey suit for . . . get this . . . $5.00.  This is completely awesome but I swear it also kind of singes my grits.  First, I always assumed that 5.00 wedding suits was some kind of wedding blog trickery.  Second, where is the thrift store magic for big girls?!  The injustice.
  • RSVP postcards slowly trickled in then stopped altogether.  So far we have eleven confirmed guests . . . but there could be more as both our mothers keep adding people to invite!  When we asked them there was no response but now that the first wave of invitations has gone out they suddenly have opinions. . . so we have to make more invitations.  Hopefully I can get them in the mail tomorrow.
  • The time has come to think about . . .  decorating this here shindig and all the other projects that still exist on my list.  I left it pretty late but I think this might be a good thing.  I don't have forever to waffle over things like color choice and design details.  I just have to get it done.

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