Friday, September 16, 2011

Prioritizing Projects

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We have a family weekend coming up and I think it might be the perfect opportunity to get some home projects started.  I'll have Wes around all weekend to be the muscle and to execute my orders.

I like to give orders when I attempt something new.  That way, if it goes all cockeyed it's not really my fault.

I also have been picking up some great ideas on my daily blog rounds and I can not wait to try some of them out!  In fact, there is so much great stuff swirling around in my head these days that it is a little difficult to decide where to start. 

There is also the question of project storage.  Since a lot of my raw materials are refugees from the wedding they literally have no place to go until I make something out of them.  So the question becomes, do I go room by room or do I prioritize emptying the big box of junk that is currently located in the Kid's room?

Room by room would satisfy my secretly orderly soul, but I think I might have to just tackle the big box o' stuff first.  Kid needs room to play right?


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