Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram Your Genes for Effortless Weight Loss, Vibrant Health, and Boundless Energy

I have been contemplating a lifestyle change for a while now.

There is so much that I want to see and do and I think that my level of health and fitness is holding me back.  Added to that, I'm not getting any younger and I want to avoid, if at all possible, the illnesses that have started to strike older family members.

Wes and I have flirted with primal eating before and it definitely had noticeable benefits for us.  We both visit Mark's Daily Apple a lot but this week I finally broke down and bought the whole book.

I am so glad that I did.*

Lately I have been doing the rounds at the health center.  I'm there so often and in so many different departments that people are starting to remember me.  I've visited my doctor, the nutritionist, my doctor again and so on and so forth.  I've asked a ton of questions and gotten a lot of information and I have to say-not all of it added up.  What I liked about this book is that things are laid out in ways that make sense and the disconnect between prescribed "best practices" and what actually happens in the body are pointed out and explained.

The emphasis is on nutrition but this book takes more of a holistic approach towards health that I really appreciate.  You should definitely give it a read, if not a try.

*I have been experimenting with primal eating for the last three days.  As I said, we've tried this before but this time I am paying more attention to what is happening in my body and monitoring any changes.

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