Sunday, August 5, 2012

Me and My Adult (so-called) Apron

My diet has been working wonders for me health-wise, but all this cooking at home has been hard on my clothes.  I finally broke down and bought an apron because I was too lazy to make one.

I got this Me & My Adult Apron from Hobby Lobby.  The site says 9.99 but I don't think I ended up paying that much so definitely check your stores.  Anyway-it's plain and serviceable . . . but I take issue with the "adult" sizing.  Sure it gets the job done-but that bib area . . . would barely cover one boob.  However much weight I end up losing, I'm still going to have a broad chest and back.  Also, the neck loop is way too long which is odd because if my torso was that long, this apron would barely cover to my waist.  The proportions seem weird is all.

So . . . I'll have to make an apron anyway.

Check these out, they are gorgeous
I don't know if I have written about these Polish cookie aprons before but I really want one.  I think I can make one that will be broad enough across the chest and provide enough coverage across the sides.  The silhouette is simple enough, but I am also considering some alternatives for fastening other than the ties.  I want it to fit snugly and I don't want to worry about the ties loosening.  

  • Pull over style with a fabric covered wide elastic band in place of apron strings
  • Heavyweight cotton in muslin color-I actually really like that plain canvas color
  • Hanging loops so I can hang it on the pantry shelves like my current apron

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