Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Little (Werewolf) Romance

Beauty and the Werewolf (Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms, Book 6)
The Blurb:
The eldest daughter is often doomed in fairy tales. But Bella—Isabella Beauchamps, daughter of a wealthy merchant—vows to escape the usual pitfalls.
Anxious to avoid the Traditional path, Bella dons a red cloak and ventures into the forbidden forest to consult with "Granny," the local wisewoman.
But on the way home she's attacked by a wolf—who turns out to be a cursed nobleman! Secluded in his castle, Bella is torn between her family and this strange man who creates marvelous inventions and makes her laugh—when he isn't howling at the moon.
Breaking spells is never easy. But a determined beauty, a wizard (after all, he's only an occasional werewolf) and a little godmotherly interference might just be able to bring about a happy ending.…
My Favorite Line:
"Slowly, regretfully, he drew back. "I think I had better--we had better--stop now,' he said.  "Before things get quite enjoyable, extremely messy and potentially damaging to glassware and papers." (301) Beauty and the Werewolf by Mercedes Lackey 2011, Luna/Harlequin, New York

Why I Kind of Love It:
  • I am a sucker for any fairytale adaptation but Mercedes Lackey's entire Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms series is just great fun.  
  • You get strong characterizations, fully fleshed out characters and a wide variety of cultural settings and traditions.  
  • This Beauty knows what she wants and goes after it.
  • The wizard is more along the lines of Leonard from the Big Bang Theory than Sirius Black.
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