Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm Not A Suit Revisited

As I nattered about at length earlier, I'm just not the suit type.  I'm short through the torso and have I mentioned my bodacious rack and T Rex arms?  It's just not a good look for me. 

For my second interview, I decided not to go the costume route.  AND I didn't torture my hair into submission either.  I had to let the fro run free and I felt so much better for it.  I also had a truly banging hair day that I failed to take pictures of because I am not a Legitimate Blogger.

In an effort to redeem myself and to look like a legitimate blogger who is somewhat down with the technology, I decided to put together an astonishingly better version of what I wore on Polyvore.  The colors and the composition are the same but y'all already know J. Crew does not make things that fit me and even if they did-I wouldn't buy them.  That dress is 90 bucks.  I bet you even have to iron it.

Interview Clothes
Sourced from my Polyvore

H m blazer
$47 -

Round toe pumps

Gray handbag

My real life version was a dark pink cap sleeve dress with the same neckline and about the same length with a black three quarter sleeve blazer, those exact shoes, and a less expensive black target bag.  I really would prefer this H&M jacket-it's fitted and has a much cleaner line.  A better blazer would go a long way towards solving some angst.

I also wore some ugly pantyhose because my mind literally shut down when I tried to think about shaving my legs. 

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